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Group Counseling


Are you interested in learning more about yourself and how and why you relate with people in a certain way?


Group counseling provides a unique space to unpack your interpersonal concerns, feel validated and understood in a deep way, and practice new skills for interacting successfully with others.

At Firefly Therapy Austin, we intend to provide a variety of group counseling opportunities to address specific needs.

Upcoming groups include:

  • Grief – whether you’re grieving the loss of a family member, partner, or other loved one, you will find camaraderie, relief, and understanding here.

  • Mindfulness Skill-Building – you will learn hands-on tools to create more peace and presence in your life.

  • Self-Compassion – through harnessing your ability to be compassionate with those around you, you will also learn to be more forgiving toward yourself.

  • Parenting Support Group – learn effective ways of parenting, and feel supported and understood by other parents going through similar situations with their children.

  • Interpersonal Skill-Building – understand yourself, the ways you interact with others, and the reasons why you react/respond in certain ways to other people, while boosting your communication skills.


We do not have any groups currently running at this time, but we will update this page when we begin looking for participants.