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Whether it’s the loss of a partner, child, friend, parent, or pet, grief can be a complicated and excruciating emotion. Also, grief isn't always about death. Sometimes, it's a loss of a friendship, job, or letting go of a dream or who we once were. Grief is inevitable. We all have hardships in our lives, even if we don't lose someone close to us by death, no one can escape grieving, but we don't have to be alone in it. 


You may have heard of the “stages of grief,” and many people think it should be a linear process. However, grief in all its forms smacks us in the face like a wave in the ocean when we least expect it! You may have been hit with a surge of anger yesterday, bargaining this morning, sadness and tearfulness around lunch time, and then back up to denial by dinner. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. We recognize the complexity of how you may be experiencing grief and loss, and we will meet you where you are in each moment of it to support you as you ride each wave of emotion.

Another misconception about grief is about how long it is appropriate to grieve the loss of someone before being able to “move on.” It really just takes as long as it takes to move through an intense loss – there’s no fast forwarding. We help by giving you tools to ground yourself and make room inside to feel and honor each emotion. When we allow this type of space for feeling, we are truly able to work through it and come out on the other side with a new perspective and deeper healing. It takes so much courage to feel the intensity of the emotions that come with grief, and you don’t have to suffer through it alone. We can help you transform your grief from a tool for destruction to a tool for power, and you will finally feel some relief and freedom.

Our grief specialists are Lindsey Witz, LPC and Lauren Giles, LPC-I. We offer individual counseling and therapy as well as couples, teen, and family grief therapy as appropriate to help you through the grieving process and experience deep relief. 


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