Rebecca Thompson, LCSW

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Are you looking for a therapist who is friendly, collaborative and patient? I see therapy as a partnership between my clients and me. I will bring my education, my creativity, my experience helping people, and my outsider’s perspective in helping to guide you towards greater wellness. You bring your expertise in your own life and experience, your strengths, your creativity, and your desire for positive change. Working together we can do wonderful things! I want to help give you the tools to live a life that follows your personal values and ones that help you stay resilient in the face of life’s obstacles.

I like working with all kinds of clients. I can work well with people who feel very emotionally sensitive or “raw” and who feel easily swept away by their feelings. I like working with people dealing with chronic physical or mental illnesses as well as family members/caregivers coping with the challenges of a loved one’s diagnosis.  I enjoy working with people who feel like outsiders or who are part of (or interested in) subcultures that that are sometimes stigmatized- including geeks, GLBTQIA folks, poly or kinky folks, activists, religious minorities, etc. I can help people who feel “stuck” in their lives and aren’t quite sure what changes might be beneficial for them. I have lived abroad and can help people dealing with adjusting to expat life or “culture shock.”

I’m kind of a therapy nerd- I like to pull from lots of different perspectives in doing work and have training in cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based modalities, hypnotherapy, motivational interviewing, solution-focused brief therapy, feminist relational modalities, and a whole lot of other useful schools of thought. If you don’t know what any of those words mean, don’t worry. Know that I am interested and invested in exploring what works best for you- and I have a lot of perspectives to grab ideas from. I tend not to focus much on diagnoses, but I have worked in both inpatient and intensive outpatient psychiatric settings and am comfortable working with people dealing with stress, anxiety, grief, depression, self-injurious tendencies, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder. Some of my other relevant life experiences include working at the American Cancer Society, interning at a homeless shelter and AIDS hospice, running grief groups as a volunteer, working at a women’s health center, dealing with an immigration process for my spouse, and being in a local band.

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Rebecca is currently only available to see clients on Tuesday afternoons and evenings.

Fee: $130 per 50 minute session

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