5 Topics to Discuss Before Marriage

Introduction: Preparing for Marriage

Have you met the love of your life? Are you considering marriage? Before marriage, open and honest conversations with your partner about various aspects of your life together is essential. Marriage combines two lives into one; both people must be on the same page. Here are five main topics to bring up before tying the knot.

Topic 1: Understanding Long-term Goals & Aspirations

Do you know your partner’s long-term goals and aspirations? Understanding each other’s ambitions and life goals is crucial for building a shared future. Discussing career aspirations, personal growth, and desires for family and lifestyle can help ensure compatibility and alignment of priorities. Having a plan to work towards shared goals is a recipe for success within a marriage.

Topic 2: Discussing Finances & Responsibilities

A healthy marriage requires a partnership in handling finances and sharing responsibilities. Before walking down the aisle, these tough conversations are essential for a successful marriage. Discussing financial goals, spending habits, and how you plan to manage joint finances can foster transparency and prevent misunderstandings. Additionally, discussing the division of household chores and responsibilities is essential to establishing a fair and balanced partnership. Bringing up these topics with your partner can feel daunting and scary. Our therapists are trained to hold space and foster these conversations. If you need help discussing these topics with your partner, reach out to us so we can help you both succeed in your marriage.

Topic 3: Contemplating Parenthood

Do you envision raising children? If so, how? Children have a profound impact on a relationship. Considering parenting styles, education, and values is vital when considering having kids. It’s also imperative to consider the timing of having children so both partners feel equipped and ready to care for their offspring. Create a financial budget with your partner that includes expenses for your children. Feeling prepared will only set you and your partner up for success.

Topic 4: Approaching Conflict & Communication

A sign of a healthy relationship is directly related to how conflicts are handled. How do you handle conflict, and what are your communication styles? Conflict is inevitable in any relationship, and understanding how your partner deals with disagreements is essential. A conversation about both people’s communication styles, conflict resolution strategies, and how to constructively create a safe and open space for expressing feelings and resolving conflicts. If you and your partner don’t handle conflict well together, reach out to one of our therapists so that we can provide tools to help you find resolution quicker and in a healthy way.

Topic 5: Reflecting on Religion, Spirituality, or Cultural Traditions

The last topic that should be discussed before saying “I do” is understanding the role religion, spirituality, or cultural traditions play in your life. These beliefs and practices can significantly impact a person’s life and influence family dynamics. Talk about your beliefs, values, and these elements’ role in your lives. Discuss with your partner how you plan to incorporate them into your relationship.

By: Lindsey Schmid, LPC-A

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