Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes, and its power over us can be debilitating. Abuse (verbal, physical, sexual, psychological, and spiritual), assault, violence, war, car accidents, neglect, receiving a life-threatening diagnosis, and infidelity are examples of traumatic experiences. Trauma occurs when something terrifying happens to us, or if we witness a terrifying and/or life threatening event happening to someone else.

Not everyone develops post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a traumatic event, but many do. Regardless, trauma lives in the body’s nervous system until it’s properly worked through. This is true of all humans and mammals in general! Trauma is literally a “brain thing” – not something you just get over because time has passed, and it has nothing to do with a person’s strength or will-power (just a couple misconceptions I’ve heard over the years from people about their traumas).

There are many ways we can help you heal your trauma. Using our knowledge of neurobiology, mindfulness, and the power of your own narrative about yourself and your trauma stories, we can help you navigate the murky waters of trauma and emerge with freedom and peace.

We are proud to announce that Katherine Miller, LMSW is now trained in treating trauma using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing). EMDR is a highly effective an efficient tool for not only processing trauma but clearing the shock out of the nervous system to significantly reduce and heal symptoms of PTSD long-term. Contact Katherine today to learn more about how she can help you using EMDR.


Check out this video to learn more about the EMDR process, courtesy of EMDR International Association:

Our trauma specialitsts are Katherine Miller, LMSW, Laura Geddes, LPC-I, and Lauren Giles, LPC-I

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