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About Us

Firefly Therapy Austin * Illuminate Your Life

At Firefly Therapy Austin, we are passionate about helping people find their joy, reconnect with their authentic selves, and create lives that feel luminous.


You may be wondering what "fireflies" have to do with therapy. Firefly Therapy Austin got its name because every Spring and Summer, when fireflies are lighting up the darkness like twinkle lights flying around in nature, it reminds us that we can create our own light and joy in the midst of pain and darkness.


Have you ever experienced that warm glow emanating from your heart and gut? That deep knowing feeling that you're going to be alright? Maybe it's been a long time since you've felt that way, or maybe you've never felt that before. 


Our team at Firefly Therapy Austin is committed to meeting you wherever you are on your path and guiding you with a variety of individualized treatment methods to help you get through stuck points, pain, trauma, and fear, and emerge with emotional freedom and inner peace.