Building Self-Esteem: Your Path to Confidence

Benefits of Boosting Self-esteem

Improving self-esteem is an important and worthwhile goal that can positively impact your life. With a high and healthy level of self-esteem, you can increase your emotional well-being, resilience, and coping skills, have positive relationships, achieve success, boost mental and physical health, and increase your decision-making and assertiveness skills. If this sounds like a lot, don’t worry! I outline steps below to increase your self-esteem and easily conquer these skills. 

Practice Self-Compassion 

First and foremost, have compassion for yourself like you would for a close friend. This means treating yourself with kindness, understanding, and forgiveness. If you make a mistake, forgive yourself as you are human. Acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes and that it’s okay to have flaws. Avoid self-criticism and negative self-talk. If you catch yourself saying mean words about your actions or behaviors, such as, “I’m stupid,” re-frame the thought into a positive one, like, “I am smart even though I made a mistake.” 

Celebrate Strengths & Accomplishments

A great way to build your self-esteem is to recognize your achievements, regardless of how small you think they may be. Take a moment to say to yourself, “I’m proud of this action, and I did a great job.” It might be helpful to list your positive qualities, skills, and past successes to remind yourself of when feeling down. We all have weak moments, but how we get ourselves into a more positive mindset defines our character and builds up our self-esteem. Focus on your abilities and what makes you unique. Your uniqueness is your power! 

Set Realistic Goals

When was the last time you set a goal for yourself? What would you like to accomplish in the next few months or years? Try setting realistic goals by breaking larger goals down into smaller, achievable tasks. Reaching these smaller goals will reinforce a positive self-image; over time, you will accomplish the bigger goals by making small steps forward. After achieving goals, our self-esteem and confidence are more likely to increase. Remember to have patience with yourself and acknowledge progress along the way. Again, feel free to give yourself credit along the way. You got this! On the other hand, if you have tried setting goals for yourself but keep failing to accomplish them, don’t hesitate to reach out to our therapists, who can help you achieve your goals. 

Surround Yourself with Supportive People

Increasing self-esteem comes from within, but looking at who you spend your time with is essential. The attitudes and characteristics of people you are surrounded by for prolonged periods will eventually rub off on you. Surround yourself with supportive people who appreciate and value you. Seek positive relationships that encourage constructive feedback and a sense of belonging. Their insights, attitudes, and encouragement will positively affect your sense of being, increasing your self-esteem. 

Avoid Comparisons

The quickest way to take away personal joy and fulfillment is to compare yourself to others. This is very detrimental to building self-esteem. When you become aware of comparing yourself to others’ progress or success, catch that thought and release it. A quick way to release comparative thoughts is to focus on your progress and personal growth. This could be as simple as saying to yourself, “I release these comparing thoughts. I have different experiences and a different journey. I am taking steps towards accomplishing my goals”. Everyone has their journey and set of strengths. Try to embrace your journey and improve it daily without comparison.

Learn & Try New Things

What is one thing you’ve been wanting to know more about? Your curiosity goes hand in hand with building self-esteem. When we expand our knowledge and skills, we activate mental stimulation and increase self-esteem. Set aside time for learning and trying new activities or hobbies. Embrace the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and understand other parts of yourself that might be dormant. Strengthening the areas of growth in our life can enhance our self-esteem and make us emotionally and mentally stronger. 

Contact Our Therapists for More Help

If low self-esteem significantly impacts your daily life or causes emotional distress, consider seeking support from one of our therapists. We can provide guidance, tools, and techniques to help you improve your self-esteem outside of this list. We would love to help you build your self-esteem back up! 

By: Lindsey Schmid, LPC-A

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